Breakfast At Our Traditional B&B Hereford – The most important meal of the day!

Traditional B&B Hereford, we source locally and wherever possible, buy free-range and organic foods which we cook to order.

  • Sausages and bacon from Neil Powell Hereford
  • Eggs from various suppliers and farm shops in Hereford
  • Honey from Neil Powell, Hereford

We are currently working with Alex Shaw, an independent source whose passion and hobby is to tailor freshly roasted coffee for independent businesses.

Aga cooked breakfasts

  • Fresh juices
  • Organic porridge or a choice of cereals
  • Fresh or poached fruit
  • A selection of yoghurt
  • Bacon, sausage, tomato, mushroom, hash brown
  • Fried/poached/scrambled free range eggs
  • Local honey, marmalade and jams
  • Choice of breads and toast
  • Cafetiere and decaffeinated coffee;
  • English Breakfast, Earl Grey, tea.  A choice of fruit and decaffeinated teas available